West Jordan, UT

West Jordan, UT

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Wiscombe Memorial is proud to serve families of all faiths, lifestyles and nationalities in the West Jordan, UT area. In addition to proving immediate need funerals, burials and cremations, we also offer quality funeral pre planning services. We invite you to please visit our spacious and beautiful facility and to speak with one of our compassionate and highly experienced funeral directors. It would be our honor to help you in making final arrangements for a loved one or in pre-arranging your own end-of-life matters.

A funeral provides the bereaved with many healing benefits. It gives them a time and place to express emotions, receive comforting support, share memories and pay their final respects to the deceased. Funerals ease the transition of survivors into life without the loved one’s physical presence. They also help mourners to accept the finality of death.

Memorial ceremonies accomplish similar ends. The difference of a memorial gathering is that the casketed remains are not present. Instead, families often choose to display the urn containing the deceased’s ashes, many times accompanied by memorial flowers and a recent photograph of the loved one. Memorial services tend to be less formal than traditional funerals, and sometimes take the form of highly personalized celebrations-of-life. A memorial ceremony can be held at any time and in any location after the burial or cremation of a loved one’s physical remains.

We urge you not to make the error of discounting the value of a service of commemoration for your loved one. Grief experts are in agreement that such events are critical to the healing process. In addition to recognizing the accomplishments of the deceased, a well-planned funeral or memorial gathering highlights the relationships that the loved one developed with family and friends.

If you desire to be in full control over your own final arrangements, please meet with one of our funeral directors for pre planning services. Not only does a pre planned funeral reflect your interests, personality and budget, it spares your family from the added burden of making many decisions during a time of grief.