Funeral Home and Cremation Services

Taylorsville, UT

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Wiscombe Memorial has proudly served Taylorsville, UT for decades. The funeral directors offer comprehensive cremation services to the families of this community. They invite those choosing cremation to establish a contemporary memorial for the cremated remains of a loved one. A family who cremated their loved one can still reap the healing benefits of interment. We would be honored to assist you in creating an on-site memorial, because having a physical marker of remains has proven helpful for many families. We can provide you a wide variety of flowers and accessories that will honor your loved one during and after the service. On-site memorials give families a permanent place to memorialize a life and gather to reflect. You can bring your loved one’s ashes to the cemetery long after the cremation has occurred.

We offer graveside funeral services to those who desire the simplicity of cremation along with an eternal resting place for the cremains of a loved one outside of the home. We provide information and guidance on service options for cremated remains such as an outdoor graveside funeral or the use of a columbarium. Working closely with you, we will design a fitting and memorable ceremony for your loved one, perhaps via military honors, masonic rights or religious leadership. We arrange for customized grave markers and memorial floral arrangements. We are committed to achieving your vision for the final arrangements of a loved one.

We also coordinate with clergy for committal services for cremated remains. A committal service is a meaningful event that takes place at the cemetery after your deceased’s funeral. Collecting your family and friends around the cremains of your loved one gives everyone the opportunity to celebrate his or life and honor shared memories. This service will assist in healing after loss and can be included in many end-of-life plans.

In addition, we assist families in executing scattering ceremonies. Scattering your loved one’s ashes can help you to begin to let go and truly accept the finality of death. You can send your loved one’s cremated remains into space, for example. There are many unique ways we can help you memorialize your loved one.