Funeral Home and Cremation Services

Holladay, UT

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The funeral directors of Wiscombe Memorial encourage the families of Holladay, UT who have lost a loved one to engage their services in establishing a permanent memorial. We assist you in establishing a place where relatives and friends can gather and connect in honor of your departed. Such locations provide a setting for continued healing and reflection. Today, people are often robbed of the time needed to properly mourn. Work and family responsibilities frequently force the bereaved into secular daily routines before they are ready.

In addition, many families choose to scatter a loved one’s cremains in a place of personal significance, such as over the sea or from a mountaintop. Although these ceremonies hold tremendous meaning, they do not leave you with a place to revisit the memories of the person you cherished.

Creating a permanent place to visit regularly, perhaps in a cremation garden, is an essential step following the loss of a loved one. Arranging for a memorial, a small monument, a cremorial bench or inurnment in a private or community columbarium is a central point of memorialization, giving surviving loved ones a special site where they may go to remember your deceased and celebrate important dates. This spot can ease the pain of a birthday or anniversary without the loved one.

A reliable place for reflection on your loved one’s life allows younger and future generations to connect to your family’s past. By visiting the final resting place of grandparents and other forebears, children become anchored to their own history. It connects them to a shared love and to relationships with the departed that continue even after the passing. 

After guiding you through the tribute and burial or cremation of your loved one, we would be honored to assist you in selecting a monument or grave marker and in arranging for its inscription and installation.