Funeral Home and Cremation Services

Murray, UT

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Serving Murray, UT since 1991, Wiscombe Memorial provides every service that a bereaved family requires. Its funeral directors specialize in designing meaningful tributes that honor the life of a loved one and celebrate the relationships they shared. The caring staff is available to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, explain your options and share their wealth of experience. While there is no given formula in creating a ceremony for your deceased, we will assist you in gathering before or after the interment or cremation in the most fitting and memorable way possible.

Many people think that cremation prevents a family from memorializing their loved one, but the opposite is true. Cremation offers your family more options both in terms of commemoration and final disposition. You can choose to have a traditional viewing or visitation come before a funeral service and cremation. In such cases, you can utilize a specially made cremation casket or rent a coffin from our respected firm. You may also arrange for a memorial ceremony to occur after the cremation process in the setting and on the date and time of your choice. The urn is often displayed at a memorial gathering, many times accompanied by a lovely floral bouquet and a recent photograph of the loved one. We strongly recommend that you hold a ceremony to commemorate your departed because your need to heal is not reduced by deciding to cremate, and a tribute is recognized by all grief specialists as a crucial part of recovering emotionally from this loss.

When choosing the final resting place for your deceased’s cremated remains, you can bury them in a cemetery plot, inurn them in a columbarium niche, keep them with you at home, or scatter the ashes in the air, on land or at sea, among other options.

We are here to help, support and guide you through this difficult time. It is our wish that years from now you can look back and find solace in the fact that you celebrated your loved one’s life in the best way that you could.