Funeral Home and Cremation Services

West Valley City, UT

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Wiscombe Memorial is honored to bring family and friends together to begin the healing process after the loss of a loved one. Serving West Valley City, UT, the funeral directors have years of experience in designing fitting and meaningful funerals and memorial services. By combining your knowledge of your loved one with our expertise and suggestions, we will create a memorable event that will have an impact on the lives of all those who attend.

You can decide the setting of the tribute and the manner in which it is conducted. You choose the location, day, time, music, prayers, hymns and religious and literary passages to be read. We can enhance this healing experience by arranging for the release of doves, butterflies or balloons at the end of the ceremony. We can also prepare keepsake presents of wildflower seeds or a tree seedling to be given to your guests. We are here to assist, guide and support you through each step of the process of making final arrangements for a loved one.

We will also provide you with advice as you decide whether to inter or cremate your deceased. Usually a family will have a preference in this regard, or will know what their loved one’s desires were. Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to make this choice. If burial is selected, we will help you to pick a casket, vault, cemetery and gravesite. Should you choose cremation, we will provide you with information on your options for the final disposition of the ashes, including a crematorium niche, interment, retaining in the home or a scattering ceremony. We are knowledgeable about environmentally-kind disposition alternatives such as a green burial.

It may be advisable to receive input and feedback from your family when deciding how to handle your loved one’s physical remains. This can be obtained by gathering them together to discuss their wishes and feelings.