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Millcreek, UT

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Just after the loss of a loved one, you may believe that it is better to make the easiest and quickest arrangements possible. However, in this circumstance the easiest path is not the best one. Grief experts agree that commemorating a loved one after their passing is a critical part of the healing process. The compassionate funeral directors of Wiscombe Memorial are available to assist the families of Millcreek, UT in creating an event that will allow relatives and friends to grieve in a healthy way.

Assembling with those close to you in the wake of your loss will give everyone the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings, recount their memories and find support and comfort. They will also have the chance to pay their final respects to your deceased and say their farewells. This can be arranged whether you select interment or cremation. By holding a funeral service or a more informal memorial gathering, you will be investing in the futures of your surviving loved ones by providing them with a time and place to begin to emotionally recover. By marking this tremendous loss with your family and friends and celebrating the unique life of your departed, those who attend can start the journey towards healing.

At Wiscombe Memorial, we offer you a serene and spacious setting in which to gather and honor your loved one. If you prefer, please choose another location that holds significance to you and your family. Wherever you decide to hold the commemoration, the benefits of doing so will be imparted to you and your fellow mourners.

If you elect to inter your loved one, we will assist you in choosing a casket, burial vault, cemetery and plot. Traditionally, families have chosen to host a viewing or visitation and a following funeral service prior to the burial of a loved one. A visitation period and funeral can also take place before the cremation of your deceased’s physical remains. After the cremation process, you can keep the ashes in your place of residence, inurned in a columbarium niche, buried in your family plot or scattered on land, in the air or at sea.