History & Staff

We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

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Our History

Wiscombe Memorial is the perfect funeral service provider where families and friends can celebrate life. In 1991, we set out to provide funeral services unlike any other.  We believe in building relationships that are lasting with those who entrust their care with us.  Having owned traditional funeral homes we recognize that funeral services can be costly therefore we listened to the needs of multitudes of families we have served and have taken every measure in our new location and design to ensure funeral costs remain at a minimum without compromising our ability to provide a loving tribute to a beautiful life lived.  We do not believe in encouraging families to spend beyond their means or reason and know that a beautiful service can be provided without the enduring pain of unnecessary expense.

Ever since we opened our doors we have approached life (and death) differently. While some just see the end of a loved one’s life as a time for grief and mourning, we prefer to think of it as a time for reflection, appreciation and even celebration. This is evident in everything we do, from the way we conduct our services to the amenities we choose to offer. We are a close knit community dedicated to honoring, sharing and preserving the amazing and inspirational stories that are life.

Our Valued Staff

  • Shawn Wiscombe

    Shawn Wiscombe, Funeral Director/Owner

    Raised in St. George, UT and graduated from Cypress College of Mortuary Science in 1990. Shawn became interested in Funeral Service at a young age and had the opportunity to learn about the profession while residing in Alberta, Canada where he became friends with a local Funeral Home owner. Shawn purchased his first funeral home in 1991 located in Caliente, Nevada where he became very involved and connected with the communities he served sharing his talent of music and theatre, during this time he served on numerous boards, he became a partner in opening Virgin Valley Mortuary located in Mesquite, Nevada, served as a Lincoln County Commissioner, and in 1999 he was asked to serve as the Administrator of the Lincoln County Hospital District where he remained until the sale of his funeral home in 2005. He purchased the funeral home located in Davis, California and in 2009 he opened a location in the neighboring community of Winters, California. After relocating to Salt Lake City, Utah Shawn and Matthew recognized the important role they can share in offering a funeral establishment that has been built on years of trust and a continued commitment to offer services and selections at a fraction of the cost of most funeral establishments. Shawn has dedicated his life to serving with genuine care and compassion and believes strongly in building lifelong friendships with those he serves. His profession has taught him to value life and the wonderful relationships developed along the way, especially the relationships with family, Shawn has always treasured every moment spent with his four amazing children along with all of his family members.

  • Matthew Medford

    Matthew Medford, Owner/COO

    Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Matthew Medford grew up with a strong appreciation for serving others.Matthew loves to meet with families and has a great understanding of their needs. He has a unique ability to recognize small details, making each moment beautiful and memorable; Matthew’s strong attention to detail ensures that his clients’ needs and questions are anticipated and addressed quickly and efficiently. He prides himself on going the extra mile for his families, building strength in each relationship, and watching them grow over the years. When Matthew is not in the Funeral Home and working hard for his families, you will find him playing with his two beautiful French Bulldogs, traveling the world or enjoying a good cup of coffee or a meal with his family.

  • Adam Richardson

    Adam Richardson, Managing Funeral Director & Pre-Arrangement Specialist

  • Chandler Wiscombe

    Chandler Wiscombe, Funeral Director

  • Chase  Anderson

    Chase Anderson, Funeral Assistant